Four Types of Heaters


According to the recent study, space heating makes the largest expense of Canadian home that is 45 of energy bills. Heating usage peaks during autumn and winter season from November and March and before spring.   This space heating consists of several heating devices that differ in their method of heat production, efficiency, and energy source. The following are kinds of heating devices:



Solar Water Heaters

It’s a device with a horizontal or vertically placed tank connected to black coated tubes. This black coated tube absorbs sunlight energy. This energy is transferred to the copper heat pipe that transfers heat exchange from a water tank. The heated water is transferred distributed by a pump and goes out as hot potable water to the pressurized tank. The same tank pumps cold water to the unpressurized tank and then channels them to black coated tubes to heated by solar energy collector.


Has lower carbon footprint that means less carbon dioxide produced.
More Energy efficient since all heat energy is used again to produce that heating
Free energy – no bills, no gas needed and no worries of electric bills
Lower maintenance cost


Can be only operated at night
High upfront cost




These are the common heating types. Gas, wood or electrically powered, furnaces accounts for more than 50% of US home systems. They are commercially available and comes with different ratings called BT (British Thermal Unit) and makes such as single stage, double stage, and variable stage.


Easy maintenance
Commercially available maintenance parts and units
Can be energy efficient depending on unit type


Can be expensive depending on type. Expensive furnaces are priced above $1000
High upfront cost for labor, materials, tools and duct work
Can be energy inefficient



Pellet stoves

They are fireplaces that use fuel such as wood or pellets made from biomass, food waste, crops, discarded sawdust, branches and coals from logging.


Easier to tend
More economical than electrical, oil or propane fueled stove
Smokeless fuel burning


More expensive than firewood since it came from processed wood
Pellet prices are subject to price fluctuations



Electric Heaters

They are the type of furnaces that runs on electricity. It uses heating coils or heating element that look like light bulbs. Some heaters use heating coils that are blown by fans that produce hot air as a result.


Clean and efficient heating
No dangers of carbon monoxide emission
Zero carbon footprint


Electric heating is expensive and it can turn electric meter run faster
Dangers of electrical hazard and fire
Electrical repair and maintenance cost

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