Four types of Air conditioners to Look for

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Splity Type showing the outdoor condenser part


Whenever you install an air conditioner, have it repaired or maintained by an HVAC technician, you’ll encounter different types of ACs. Each one has different types and cooling function. And each one has a cooling capacity and power output. Making a right decision when choosing the right AC can be both money and time saving while not choosing or planning can get you a wrong AC for the wrong place and area. The result will be a more jolting electricity bill rather than savings in your favorite piggy bank. Several types of ACs exist and they differ according to their functions, sizes and cooling system and here they are:

Window type AC courtesy of wikipedia and Solomon20

Window type AC courtesy of Wikipedia and Solomon20

Window type AC – Comes between the portable and huge AC units. They are ideal for cooling small spaces such as bedrooms, small offices, hospital wards and small laboratories. Window type AC consists of front and rear parts. In front part, you can find the electronic controls such as temperature control thermostat, front grille and thermostat sensor. Behind the front plastic grille, there is the metal grille, filter and evaporator coil which makes the air cooler. The blower or condenser fan removes hot air and channels them outside. The condenser fan channels the hot air into the condenser coil where the air becomes cooler.

Outdoor part of Split type Air conditioner

Outdoor part of Split-type Air Conditioner


Indoor part of air conditioner showing the evaporator and control panel part

The indoor part of a split type air conditioner showing the evaporator and control panel part. Photo courtesy of Milad Mosapoor and Wikipedia







Split air conditioner – A split type air conditioner consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit includes the air filter, the electronic systems, thermostat controls and drain tubes. The outdoor unit involves a box-shaped device which is made up of air discharge fan, compressor filter dryer, two line tubes for Freon gas and Freon liquid. Split type ACs do not need further renovation of your room by making a huge gaping hole on your wall just to accommodate the AC unit. And since the condenser and fan are outside your home, it is less noisy compared to window type AC.

Central Air conditioning system – Has a central room which all contains the refrigerating parts such as compressor, condenser, cooler, fan coil unit, central air handling unit, and cooling tower. In central air conditioner system, all of these parts are all in large scale this whole AC unit since it has to cool a very large area such as a mall and office buildings. On the other hand, small ACs such as windows and split are not capable of cooling large buildings and rooms. And installing window type ACs for each of the room of a large surface area isn’t practical since it is costly in maintenance and energy consumption. Central ACs is useful for airports, malls, large office spaces, auditoriums, hotels, cinema complex, and theater and conference halls wherein vast air duct distribution channels cool air in each of the room evenly.
Packaged Air Conditioner – This AC type falls in between the window/split and central ACs. It consists of a tall rectangular box like indoor unit which contains the fan motor, evaporator coil, front panel and returns air, fan, and motor. Since it has a water-cooled condenser, it continuously needs the supply of water. Its outdoor unit is much like of the split type with parts such as a compressor, blower, capacitors, circuit board and the condenser fan.

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